Mega Death Sauce

So I love chilli’s, and hot sauces are a staple for me.  I really enjoy starting the day with some eggs drizzled with a kicking hot sauce, but I have never categorized myself as a chilli head.  Maybe I’m in denial.

Anyhow, my wife returned from taking number 1 son to a Rugby tournament this weekend, and brought me home some Mega Death sauce, one of the range of Hot Sauces offered by Blair’s (out of Ascot Vale in Victoria).

Mega Death Hot Sauce- Love the Coffin packaging.

Mega Death Hot Sauce- Love the Coffin packaging.

I can confirm, it’s hot.  Very hot.  In fact, here’s hot potent it is:

I dabbed a drop onto my finger to taste it, and it performed as you would expect, the burn was immediate, then blossomed into something more.  It might not have been the hottest I have tried, but as a measure of it’s flavour (yes there was one mixed in with the tongue numbing heat), I was immediately inspired to come up with some recipes for the sauce in various concentrations.  But I digress.

The next morning, despite eating a full meal of Spag Bol and Salad, and taking a nice hot shower, I rubbed my eye with the offending finger…it still burned.  That’s how well this sauce lingers.

Anyway, the important this is that this is a great hot sauce.  Not just the searing heat, but the great blend of fruitiness, smokiness from chipotle’s, and spice gives this a delicious palette.

Here is their website, so check them out, I can really recommend the Mega Death (it’s the only one I’ve tried).

In the mean time, what is your favourite recipe that has hot sauce as an ingredient?


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