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Talkin’ about your Generation – The Game

Here’s something a bit different, a review from me that isn’t food related, a board game review.

Just like the TV show, except the humiliation is yours to bear.

Talkin’ about your Generation is a board game modeled on the successfully irreverent Australian television show of the same name, hosted by funny man Shaun Micallef.  A quiz show that pits Generation X, Y, and Baby Boomers against each other, Talkin’ about your Generation serves up the usual dish of pop culture trivia but mixes in physical comedy elements.

The board game, which is good for teams of 2 to 6 players, stays true to the television show which is both it’s strength, and it’s weakness.

On TV, the team captains and players are willing to subject themselves to a bit of mild humiliation in the name of entertainment, because…well because it’s their job.  Play this at home, and you really need to play with a group of people who are a bit less inhibited than most.  It might also mean that it would be a fun game to play whilst suitably inebriated, but unfortunately we were not.

This game really has some potential, but unfortunately there are a number of elements that really let it down.

I loved the mix of question styles and variation.  It elevates the game beyond many others that are trivia based.  Unfortunately, the game loses marks for the following:

  • Not having enough “Generation” cards.  I think a handful of games and you’ll exhaust all of the questions, rendering the game useless, especially if you have multiple teams of the same generation.
  • Scoring design.  As a TV show, the ultimate score is irrelevant, and you get a sense that it is trying to replicate that in the board game.  Unfortunately, the losing team last night got to the end square whilst the rest of the teams had not even got to the half way point.  Then they had to wait until one of the other teams caught up, and got to the end square, before the final challenge pitted them against each other in a physical challenge of running around the table.
  • The game board itself.  For some reason it has been segmented based on questioning genre, which gives the flow of the game a strange feel.  I think the game would flow better if it mixed the genre changes throughout the board.
  • The timer, which is WAY too short.  It’s an hourglass type timer (which is fine) that I timed at 35 seconds (which is not fine).  How can you draw the a picture of the movie title Robin Hood in 35 seconds?
  • You really need to have representation from all three generations to play the game.

In the end, these issues caused quite the grumbling at the table, and the negativity affected the feel of the game.  For that reason, I’m going to give it 2 little piggies (out of 5).

With a slower timer, different end game scenario, more question cards, and a better game board, this game could have been amazing.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t.