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Back – New Beginnings

To those who have subscribed to my blog, I want to apologize for the unexplained, and unexpected, hiatus.

In short, here is the last eight months (in brief):

  • Got asked to vacate our rental house, 3 months prior to the proposed completion date of our new home.  Contract ended, and the owners did not want to extend for a short period.
  • Chilli plants got dumped all over the verandah (thanks to the dog), none survived…but we won’t quit that project quite yet.  Look for a sequel soon.
  • Purchased a small (old) caravan and rented a shed to live in for the short 3 months until the house was finished.  This ended my blogging due to not being able to cook much of anything (except BBQ).
  • 3 months became 6 months, as weather and labour delays cost us dearly.  Christmas was spent in the shed, instead of a new home.
  • End of January, and our house was completed…at least the building.  Landscaping to come.

So now we are in a new home, and I have a nice space to start cooking again, it’s time to bring back the blog.

Thanks to those who have sent me messages.   The good news is that I am now contributing the occasional column to our local newspaper (The Daily Mercury, in Mackay Queensland).  The next entry will serve double duty as my submission to the paper…but here it is the directors cut.  The newspaper version will likely be shortened for space.